shooting stars

George Pimental at TIFF 2022 courtesy of CTV News

Toronto. Nawww, this ain’t about astronomy! It’s about a CTV news clip on George  Pimental of Toronto. George is a photographer here in the west end. He hit the news on CTV  recently because he is noted for photographing famous actors as the official photographer for TIFF. George and his studio also have other subjects – not just the famous and well known names.

The link shown is CTV’s mobile link. On my Studio Mac, it is sans sound. Here is the link for those using non mobile screens. Click on the video topic titled “The man in charge of taking pictures at TIFF” just below the Brendan Fraser story. A big thanks to our president and professional photographer in his own right, Lewko (Clint) Hryhorijiw. (We call him Clint – simpler for an English tongue …)

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