seeing double

print viewer offered in the June Port Colborne auction

Toronto. “It’s deja vu all over again“, as Yogi Berra was thought to have said. This wonderful old tabletop viewer (stereo, I believe) was offered at the recent auction down in Port Colborne – our first auction outside Toronto and our first two-day auction.

In January of 1992 at a monthly Toronto meeting, the late Bob Wilson brought along his Taxiphote. The story of his Taxiphote and one displayed by our January, 1992 speaker, Peg Forbes, was written up in the next issue of Photographic Canadiana,  Volume 17-5. I have attached a copy of that issue in pdf format for your entertainment and enlightenment.

Our ancestors made and sold many remarkable photography related things to entertain and amaze one and all. As a matter of interest, Bob Wilson and Stan White formed the nucleus of a stereo group within our society. Stan went to great lengths to collect and donate our stereo collection (CSC or Canadian Stereo Collection) first to Sheridan College and years later to the AGO before it was ‘decollected’.

Perhaps the CSC will become of interest once again when the inevitable peaking of interest in ‘3D’ resurfaces.

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