Sarah and George

Sarah Bernhardt at 14
by Nadar in 1859

Toronto. It was spring, 1954 and I was in what would become my last year of formal school for a decade. In its April 26, 1954 issue,  LIFE magazine offered two stimulating articles for photographers and photo-historians.

The portrait of a young Sarah Bernhardt by French photographer Nadar was taken in 1859, two decades after the electrifying news of photography’s invention by Daguerre in France and Fox Talbot in England. The portrait  is included in the article LIFE calls “Man first appears before the camera’s eye“. The article begins on page 146 of the magazine and includes reproductions of many now well known early photographs.

On page 154 of the same issue, begins the story of George Eastman and Kodak titled, “The prodigious life of George Eastman“.  A person and company that defined photography for a century and lives on today in its trademarks, history, Museum, and much diminished role.

A big thanks to George Dunbar for discovering these two fascinating stories from the 1950s when photographic history was of increasing interest to the public.

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