roped in

backstage scene on the ‘Rope’ sound stage in 1948.

Toronto. In 1948, Alfred Hitchcock produced a film called ‘Rope’. I saw it recently – twice – on TV. It seemed odd to me and I wrote it off as an early attempt to recreate  a play as a movie.

It was only when I read the July 1948 American Cinematographer article that I appreciated just how ground-breaking the movie was and why it seemed so strange to me today.

Read about it here or visit the American Cinematographer site.

Meantime, thanks to my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, for sharing the ‘Rope’ article with us.

NB. You may have noticed the site was not updated regularly since I did the post on the 10th. My computer, struggling since last fall, finally committed ‘hari kari’ on me. While still flakey, I can do an update again – but I won’t have a replacement for a while so I may have to ‘disappear’ again. Apologies in advance.

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