remembering Korda Camera Montreal

Baby taken in Toronto summer 1972 with new M4

Toronto. I spent some time researching alternative Leica camera models in the early 1970s. After settling on the M4 as the best offered, I searched the camera shops for one (newer models were out by then and any new M4s were hard to find) and at a good price. I ended up at Korda (I think it was on Sherbrooke near rue Guy).

I quickly discovered the clerk knew less about the cameras he sold than me. He tried to sell me the lens hood as an extra until I pulled out a March 1971 catalogue and showed him that item 11 309 was the lens and its hood! He had confused the hood with the replacement hood item 12 504.

I was happy to head home with a Leica M4 body and a Summicron 5cm lens and hood. The body in chrome trim and the lens with black anodized trim – and the black hood. Camera body and lens/hood came in two separate boxes. My goal for the M4 was to photograph my second baby girl reliably indoors, something a bit uncertain with my aging eyes and the Exakta.


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