remember Stanley?

A load of tourists visiting Stanley park and the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront  walkway

Toronto. As a kid in grade school, I remember a photo in my geography book. It was taken in Stanley Park, BC and showed a huge fir tree trunk with an early automobile and people nestled inside at the bottom.

Near the end of the last century, my wife and I spent a rainy afternoon and early evening wandering around the park and taking in its charms while on holiday in the Vancouver and Victoria areas.

You folks who collect images may have some depicting the park and its huge Douglas Firs. In any case, be sure to visit this site and see the glorious history of Stanley park in vintage photographs.

The site, Rare Vintage Photos, has many other collections of photos all carefully grouped for online viewing. Have a look – you may find some that are in your collection – or similar to them!

And a warm thank you is in order for my good friend, George Dunbar, for discovering this site and its charming photos and sharing them with us.

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