PHSC News newsletter for March 2022

FED II copy of Early Leica Camera

Toronto. The FED II shown here is from the right top of page 1 in this month’s PHSC News newsletter. The FED was a Ukrainian copy of an early Leica camera, converted to interchangeable lenses.

What do you know? It’s March, 2022 already. We are anxiously waiting for the COVID rules to disappear as the pandemic subsides.

Meantime, our editor, Sonja, and team have produced another great  issue of PHSC News for you.  PHSC News (21-09) has the usual bunch of articles – short, crisp, and ripe for argument. Take a few moments and read them and feel inspired (or irritated) once again.

PUTIN’S FOLLY on page 1 touches on the invasion of the Ukraine as known everywhere but Russia where the government controls what is read and viewed. Page 2 in “PHSC PRESENTS (virtually)” discusses “Back to the Future of a Russian Revolution“. Page 3,  under NEO PHOTOGRAPHY posits “Helga Stentzel: Household Surrealism“with samples of photos. STREAMABLES on page 4, speaks of, “The Story of a Working Class Nero”; while page 5 in THE OTTAWA FILE offers another editorial on the OTTAWA situation called, “A Family Album of Ottawa Counter-Protest All-Stars“. In David’s EQUIPMENT REVIEW (upbeat and cheeky as usual) he looks at Kodak cabinetry (wood) for the darkroom. John Morden’s trio of thoughtful WEB LINKS on page 7 are all worth a visit especially the first link (the links are live, no need to ‘cut and paste’).

Page 8 gets ready for our special late April (not March) speaker event via ZOOM. The seminar is in collaboration with ESHPh and Dr Hanin Hannouch on three colour photography c1900. And our friends Ivy & Izzy, on page 9, posit “The Shallow End of Deep Fakes“. As usual, we wrap up this issue on page 10 with John’s compilation of shows, wanted ads, books, and exhibitions of interest to collectors & photographers everywhere.

P.S. As usual, every link shown in the newsletter is a hot link just waiting for your click!

P.P.S. You can visit this issue by clicking here, or by g0ing to the menu item NEWSLETTER at the top of the page. There is a drop down menu that takes you to older issues dating back a couple of decades to the very beginning.

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