PHSC News for March 2021 (Vol 20-09)

FLIR Scout TK digital camera

Toronto. At right top of page 1 in this issue is the FLIR Scout TK camera – digital technology with a twist! This tiny digital device records the thermal image of the viewed scene!

As the third month of 2021 gets underway, the anticipation of COVID-19 vaccines raises hopes in spite of the COVID-19 variations surfacing world-wide. Vaccines and close adherence to common sense guidelines brings a bit of sunshine  that all COVID related restrictions will end soon so we can get on with life.

Meantime, our editor extraordinaire, Sonja Pushchak, and her team have composed this latest issue of PHSC News (20-09). As shown on page one, we are celebrating the Irish with our St Patrick’s Day parade back in 2019. Take a few moments and read all the articles in our latest newsletter and ease your personal cares!

On page 1, the article ‘The Green Guy‘ speaks to St Patrick and our parade plus a Reuters link. Next is, “A Wet-Plate Clamp Made by A Savage“, in this case, made by Adam Savage in his metal and woodworking shop down in sunny California. On page 3, the column PHOTO BOOK 101, has an essay titled, “The Fifties: Forgotten But Not Gone“; while page 4 explains Why Canada ‘Connaught’ Make its Own Vaccines in the column called, “THE TORONTO FILE” – a sad tale of how our government of the day helped others (internationals) succeed.

Page 5 discusses how John Malkovich Got Tired of Being John Malkovich in the “SAY CHEESE” column (I did a similar post a few days ago with far less information). David does his tongue-in-cheek Equipment Review, on the current photo developer situation in his “The Disturbingly Dark Tale of the Dektol Developer“ review. Page 7 has a trio of WEB LINKS of interest to us all.

Not to be overlooked, Page 8 features a poster on our forth-coming ZOOM event – Dr Ron Goodin’s movie on the Great Bear Rain Forest out in BC. Places are going very fast for this presentation – lends credence to continuing ZOOM events post COVID! On page 9, Ivy & Izzy say it’s ‘Time to Talk in Generalities‘ this time about reoccurring things – shades of that Groundhog Day movie.

P.S. As usual, every link shown in the newsletter is a hot link just waiting for your click!

P.P.S. You can visit this issue by clicking here, or by g0ing to the menu item NEWSLETTER at the top of the page. There is a drop down menu that takes you to older issues dating back a couple of decades to the very beginning.

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