The Amalgamated Photo History Newsletters Vol 2-4 (April 2021)

Amalgamated Newsletters
Vol 2-4, April 2021

Toronto. The Australian Back Focus issue plus some old articles are reproduced here in our special members-only supplement, this time its the June 2020 issue of Back Focus. As a member of the PHSC, you received this supplement Friday, the 23rd of April.

Vol 2-4 was sent out last Friday afternoon to all current members with an email address. If you did NOT get a copy, please email me at and I will send you a copy after verification of your membership. Not YET a member? well, for heaven’s sake! Grab your plastic and register via PayPal on the upper right of this page! And you can donate to the society the same way via PayPal, or go to our Canada Helps entry on the link below the PAY NOW button.

The preamble states, “Welcome to our Easter readings of the Amalgamated Newsletter to offset the effects of Covid.

“Ron Reynolds, President and of many hats for The Australian Photographic Collectors’ Society of Australia, contributes our one main article on the testing of lenses. It is a difficult topic that requires expertise to explain properly.

“George Dunbar of the Photographic Historical Society of Canada offers some of his finds in surfing the internet.

“Permissions granted: Back Focus – The Australian Photographic Collectors’ Society of Australia–Ron Reynolds; Photographic Historical Society of Canada–George Dunbar.”

Ron’s article is very detailed and of considerable interest. I did a similar test of various cameras and lenses in the late 1960s for members of the Bell Canada Camera Club in Montreal. Ron offers a  far more detailed and precise analysis  than my rather simple test results using a similar resolution test chart about a half century ago. George Dunbar submitted the May, 1941 Electronics magazine article. “Facsimile Speeds Air Reconnaissance” and the analysis article, “After the Shot Is Fired” from the March, 1931 issue of Science & Industry magazine.

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