Photographic Canadiana 44-3 printed.

Photographic Canadiana 44-3

Toronto. Issue 44-3 has been printed and will hit the mail in a few days. The content quality and reliable delivery is in no small way a reflection of the dedication and “fussiness” of Editor Bob Lansdale. His enthusiasm and diligence belies his age and then some. Being a professional photographer for most of his working life hammered home the importance of deadlines and an obsession for quality.

This issue embraces a variety of subjects of interest to photography collectors and historians one and all! Members will receive this issue directly in their mailbox. Not a member? You know the drill – look over to the right sidebar for Membership -Join or Renew! and do it online NOW via PayPal (no account required, they will take most credit cards). The Price is Right? It’s downright Cheap!

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