Phoneography – from the darkroom to instagram…

This Touch is version 5, spring 2014

This Touch is version 5, spring 2014

Toronto. In this morning’s Globe and Mail, columnist Marina Strauss reports on the evolution of our camera stores (Black’s, Henry’s) as camera phones eat up the sales of the traditional point and shoot digital cameras. She calls this photography – images taken with a smart phone and uploaded rather than printed – as phoneography. The transition away from traditional point and shoot cameras is supported by various sites that track sales. Strauss notes that big communications companies now own outlets like Black’s (Telis) and The Source (Bell), stores which become venues for their cell phones.

A few weeks back on May 8th, I did a post about the cartoon character Betty who asks her husband Bub about cameras. Bub says they look “exactly like a phone”.

The icon to the left shows my iPod Touch which includes a 5mp camera. It goes everywhere with me unlike my Sony NEX 6. I owned three digital cameras, including two Nikon Coolpix models, before I managed to exceed that level of detail. I broke through with a top of the line Sony F828 complete with an 8mp sensor!

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