pet shop boys

Pete and Rusty return from a winter break (Feb 1982)

Toronto. One niche area in photography is pet photography which has grown in popularity. You can also read this article dated May 26, 2015 in The Guardian or this one on historic photos of dogs dated April 2, 2015 in the  Fauna and Flora blog. Pets being like children, they are nearly in constant motion and pay little attention.

Pets  also appeared in advertisements for cameras like the Exakta and Hasselblad as cover shots for brochures and magazines. The two shown here examples of the opposite ends of the pet spectrum. The fox terrier, Pete, was thrown out at a nearby school when he was a pup and followed one of my children home. The Sheltie is a pedigree animal. registered and bought from a kennel. He was sold as he grew taller than acceptable for the breed and was about the size of a border collie,

The photo was taken with a Leica on transparency film  – most likely Kodachrome. The post name is a British musical duet formed in 1981 and active to date.

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