Outta da ooze

OOZAB Sliding Focusing Stage or Focoslide c 1955 shown upside down.

Toronto. Willard Morgan’s nifty Sliding Focusing Stage must have been selling well because in 1938 Leitz Wetzlar began to make and market the accessory which by this time had a spring-loaded clamping bar to hold the camera both in the NYC and in the Wetzlar versions.

The Wetzlar stamped accessory was given a new code as well – OOZAB. The OOZAB and the NYC version were both made and sold through 1951 when the NYC accessory was dropped. The OOZAB was modified at that time to an H shaped clamping bar to clear the flash socket of the IIIf.

I picked up my c1955 example from Dave DeShon in September 1978. This version of the Focoslide which used the camera lenses was made through 1957.

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