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c1932 babies born at 2 year old Eastern Kins Memorial in Wolfville, NS courtesy of its Randall House Museum via Saltwire

Toronto. A few days ago, Wendy Elliott wrote the article “Continuing the health-care work“. Her article is on Saltwire in the Opinion section of its Atlantic Canada file. To read the article you will need to sign in with your email address.

The site does show the 1932 photograph of the babies born in that hospital (Eastern Kings Memorial at Wolfville, NS). The image, shown on the Saltwater site and here (at left), is courtesy of the Randall House Museum in Wolfville’s collection. The Saltwire cut-line states, “This 1932 photograph shows a gathering of babies born at the [EKMH] … since the facility opened in 1930.”

Well, it’s said a picture is worth a thousand words … do you agree too? In any case, I would thank my good friend and fellow photo historian, George Dunbar, for discovering this photograph and sharing his finding with us.

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