not in Kansas any more …

Construction in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, as the city expands – courtesy of Edward Burtynsky and BBC News

Toronto. My good friend and fellow photo enthusiast George Dunbar sent me a note about one of my favourite photographers – Edward Burtynsky. George writes, “Some wonderful photography in Africa by Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky……here. [The] pictures from above –  What a bird’s eye view of Africa reveals.”

I first saw Burtynsky’s work at a TIFF showing of ‘Manufactured Landscapes”. I later saw one immense photograph taken in China hanging at the AGO.

Note: The title of this post came to mind due to my love of lateral thinking. Africa reminded me of the song of the same name by Toto. In the story, “The Wizard of Oz” which I saw in a movie house as a kid, Judy Garland’s character had a little dog called, “Toto”. The post title paraphrases a line she said to her dog after being carried aloft by a tornado.

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