not all bees buzz …

Wood Bee in c1899 by F B Jones courtesy of the Cramahe Twp. Public  Library

Toronto. My good friend, George Dunbar, sent over this century plus photo with the following words, “This image was published in How Firm a Foundation: A History of the Township of Cramahe and the Village of Colborne in Cramahe’s Digital Archives (3bk), p.114. The caption reads: ‘Wood bee at Salem, 1899’.

“In early settlement days, neighbours often got together to help one another with big projects. These lumbermen were photographed by Dominion Photo and View Co. of Brighton, F.B. Jones, photographer. —Cramahe Township Public Library”

I am familiar with rural community ‘bees’ from readings as a kid. An aunt and uncle on a farm brought in the wheat one year during my visit with my parents. They used machines jointly paid for by them and neighbouring farmers who pitched in at each farm to help with the labour. Team effort! As a small-town kid, I was fascinated just watching the work.

Note: For those unfamiliar with Cramahe Township, here is the location courtesy of Google’s map feature. It sits between the eastern end of Rice Lake and Lake Ontario near Colborne (west)and Brighton (east).

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