no rolling stone in this park

Behind the scenes – cameras capture photos in Moss Park community – courtesy of Brian Gregory

Toronto. My friend and fellow executive member, David Bridge, sent me a note recently about a project at Moss Park by Sara Jabakhanji, who wrote the story in this link.

Being an historical society, we often forget that photographs taken today are ‘future history’ if such a term can be used.

Read the story and take a look at the photos shown in the above article. In 50 -100 years these too will become history. We (at least this person) didn’t see the rapid transition from film to digital  technology. Digital technology today means rapidly improving resolution, full colour and instantaneous results. We still need that ‘photographic eye’ to get an arresting photograph worth sharing and printing.

Be sure to visit the Moss Park exhibit. You may be pleasantly surprised at the growing talent base in this city.

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