Newsletter 12-10

I think you will agree that our new editor of the newsletter, David Bridge,  did himself well with this extravagant and colourful eleven page issue.

Newsletter 12-10. From left:

Newsletter 12-10. From left: cover, a rare hand coloured carte de visite, Bob Lansdale at the December show and tell, veterans of 1812-14 war years later (two images), a huge copy camera, possibly the last photo at Markland Woods, and a historic DSLR donated to George Eastman House.

The issue announces this month’s speaker, PHSC member and article contributor,  Professor Lindsay Lambert of Ottawa and his popular Magic Lantern Show. Mark Singer, back from a visit down under reviews the December Show and Tell.  Bob Lansdale offers some piercing thoughts on the 1812 war as well as a second look at Frank Mehlenbacher and his unusual E & HT Anthony camera. In Clint’s Curio Corner we learn about a find of two rare hand coloured C de V photographs made even more unusual by being captured by a woman photographer. Lisa Kribs-Lapierre reports on events at the GEH including acquisition of a rare historic DSLR. The acquisition of the famous Kodak brand by JK Imaging in California. The company intends to market digital cameras labelled “Kodak” under a deal with that famous Rochester, NY company. The issue wraps up with a possibly final shot of some of the executive down in Markland Woods, Notes from the Net, and Coming Events and Want-Ads. Just click on the above image to read or print issue 12-10!

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