more than one way to skin a cat …

how to capture a tenderfoot on a wild horse – 1939 style

Toronto. …. or ride a frisky horse. The May, 1939 article from Popular Mechanics shows how a stuffed horse could simulate a bucking broncho in a photo taken for the folks back home!

Notice how the professional photographer uses a view camera and tripod to capture the event. Typical media of the day would be a trifle slow, even in bright sunlight. The snappers of today with their digital cameras or smart phones have super sensitive sensors (and possibly optical stabilizers) and no need for a tripod – even indoors in the daytime.

A nod to my good friend and erstwhile seeker of photo history as recorded in magazines nearly a  century ago, George Dunbar, for sharing this clever ‘studio prop’ to dazzle the home-bodies.

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