Luce Lebart heads the CPI in Ottawa

Luce Lebart courtesy of ARTFORUM

Luce Lebart courtesy of ARTFORUM

Toronto.  James Adams mentioned in Spotlight (Globe and Mail) Wednesday that Luce Lebart will head the new Canadian Photography Institute (CPI) which was created last November 1st. The web site ARTFORUM made the announcement last month on July 15th.

Ms Lebart of France is both a photography expert and an author. She was educated in Paris and Arles. Before joining the CPI she was the director of collections and curator at Societe francais de photographie in Paris.

She will oversee the CPI’s first two exhibitions, Cutworks from the Globe and Mail and Josef Sudek whose work we saw earlier in a presentation by Maia Sutnik of the AGO in May 2005.

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