little boxes

lot 321 – a box full of goodies for the Olympus line of cameras.

Toronto. Later this month on the 17th (Sunday) we will hold our fall auction. It is an ESTATE auction with no last minute lots accepted at the door. The auction link above shows you a poster with directions and times was well as a slide show in lot order.

Come on out and enjoy the camaraderie while adding to your collection or user gear. Some of the lots such as lot 321 shown at left/above (Olympus camera accessories) will be in boxes containing a variety of items. Clint has spent time grouping items in various boxes so be sure to look at them all!

Remember, these ‘little boxes’ may include bargains for those with a need for ‘that special item’ and a sharp eye! Use the slide show, and the allotted time just before the auction starts, to check the lots and plan your bids.

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