leaping’ lizards, Sandy!

Article on the popular View-Master projector in Popular Science magazine

Toronto. … as Little Orphan Annie often said to her mutt … This article from the start of 1950 reports a colour projector for less than a sawbuck!

While the inexpensive bakelite device projected Kodachrome slides, there was a small hitch. It accepted only View-Master reels – those seven scene, 14 slide, marvels that were viewed as stereo in  a viewer or projected as ‘flat’ slides with this little guy.

We were blessed on our September, 2006 Stereo night to have the Sells (Mary Ann and Wolfgang) as featured speakers on View-Master of which the two were preeminent collectors.

NB. Since we borrowed Annie’s favourite saying as the post title, I felt it was appropriate to feature the best song from the stage and movie production of Annie, “Tomorrow“.

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