»Sophie« from the series »Teens (In Their Rooms)«
© Anna Breit

Toronto. Viennese photographer, ANNA BREIT, is featured at WestLicht gallery with her series titled, “TEENS (IN THEIR ROOMS)” from September 9th to October 23rd of 2022.

The gallery writes, “Parallel to the World Press Photo exhibition, WestLicht is showing the current series Teens (In Their Rooms) by Viennese photographer Anna Breit (*1991) in the upper gallery. 

“For the project, the photographer, who lives in Vienna and Paris, portrayed young people on the threshold of adulthood – an adventurous phase of transition in which one begins to take charge of one’s own life, in which many things are happening for the first time and in which one emancipated from the parental home, but at the same time is still in the thick of things.

“The portraits were created between 2019 and 2021. Breit approached her models, who were between 13 and 19 years old, on the street, met them through acquaintances and found them on social media channels and accompanied them for a while.

“With the analogue pictures, often taken with a hard flash and always from a short distance, the photographer creates an almost intimate proximity to the teens. The setting is the young people’s rooms, which are both a place of retreat and a calling card for their individual interests, and in which the last relics of childhood and the insignia of a new personality sometimes confront each other. 

“With the impressive portraits of individuals, each with their own characters, identities and life plans, Breit also provides a portrait of a generation that has increasingly made itself heard as a political actor in recent years, that no longer wants to accept going on like this and with the elders – be it in the field of climate or identity politics – is fighting a conflict about the future.”

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