Kels of Vancouver in 1946 Pop Photography Ad

William Kels of Vancouver BC in 1946

Toronto. My thanks to my friend George Dunbar for bringing this to my attention. According to an ad for Graflex in the June 1946 issue of Popular Photography, William Kels of Vienna emigrated to Vancouver BC in 1940 and became “one of the best in the dominion” at portrait photography.

I did a brief search but didn’t find a Kels Studio in BC  today – there is one in Alberta, though. And once again, like all good ads, this one promotes the camera as a key ingredient to success!

With the rather slow films of the day, Kels mentions the use of floodlights to let him “stop down and shoot fast”. Our recent fairs and auctions have offered floods and big electronic flashes but there seems to be little interest given the speed of modern day DSLR sensors.

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