keeping an eye out for Hirohito and Adolf

ad for Bell & Howell Eyemo movie cameras not offered to civilians in wartime

Toronto. When I was a little kid, WW2 was still active. I remember one little toy made of wooden pieces. When the strings were pulled, Tojo (Japanese PM in WW2) and Hitler took swings at each other.

While America considered the attack on Hawaii, our focus was on Europe and England. Just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Tojo was named PM by Japan’s Emperor Hirohito, himself a pacifist at heart.

On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and some other Asian sites. In reaction to war, American industry moved to military supply and advertised their role in the war (like Bell and Howell did in this ad from the July, 1943 issue of American Cinematography magazine).

My sincere thanks to good friend and retired cinematographer, George Dunbar, for sharing this ad with the PHSC.

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