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What ever happened to Anken film? Ad from June 1947 issue of Pop Photography.

Toronto. … sang Kermit the frog in his famous 1970 song on Sesame Street so many years ago. This apparently applied to a film called “Anken” too. The film was orthochromatic and, according to the ads, available in the most popular roll film sizes (127 120/620, 116/616). No mention of 135 (35mm) which became a major force in the industry especially the last half of the past century.

I never came across Anken film which was made by the “Anken Chemical & Film Company” of Newton New Jersey. A company called “Anken Chemical & Film Corporation” appears to have replaced the earlier company. On the internet, there are various references to Anken of Newton NJ. In the 1960s, the company made photographic paper. Later on, lawsuits suggested they were into photo copiers. Later still there is reference to a truck system for shipping goods in the States. The film and company seem to have vanished over time.

The above ad appears in the June 1947 issue of Popular Photography. Our thanks to good friend George Dunbar for suggesting this ad and link as part of our photographic history.

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