It’s here! It’s here!

Newsletter 23-2

Toronto. After a lengthy hiatus, our latest newsletter has arrived!  It was distributed yesterday to all on our MailChimp list. It is also available here and on the NEWSLETTER menu item under Vol 23 (2024).

Please welcome our new editor Katrin Faridani and send her your suggestions for a brief article in the newsletter. If you haven’t added your email to our MailChimp list but would like to, just send me a note at (if you ARE on the list but weren’t advised of this issue, let me know at the above link and I will check things out and email you a copy.

Our newsletter was originated by the late Bob Lansdale on November, 2001 to send out notice of events etc that would occur between journals, late breaking  news, and articles worthy of the then “too expensive to print” colour images.

Remember, if you UNSUBSCRIBED to MailChimp I cannot reinstate the address. Any addresses tagged as CLEANED were either incorrect or changed. Please notify me and I will edit the address information on MailChimp.  Meantime, enjoy this issue and be sure to welcome Katrin!

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