it’s a fair a day this Sunday

Michael Faraday c1850-60 from the Wikipedia article

Toronto. This Sunday is a red circle day on your calendar! It is our Fall Fair – the Big One – for 2023. Come out and enjoy the friendship and the chance to acquire a rare or not so rare piece for your collection or even use.

It is fitting to use a c1855-60 photograph of Michael Faraday here. Without photography we might have had little or no idea of Faraday’s appearance. Notice the number of photos of Faraday in the two Wikipedia articles.

PS. Check your photo collection and that available this Sunday for portraits of well known individuals. Some studios like Notman’s religiously recorded and numbered many of their studio portraits (Notman’s records, are now with the McCord in Montreal). A diligent search may uncover some surprises.

Note: the title of this post is a riff on the name of that famous British scientist, Michael Faraday. Faraday, known to almost every school kid who paid attention in class, is famous for his many discoveries in both chemistry and physics. One is the ‘Faraday Shield‘ which was later explained more clearly by Ben Franklin.

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