in transit

snap shot of c1937 automobile – a prize possession pre war

Toronto. Many members collect photographs. Amongst the collections will be photographs of the various means of transport. The example shown here is a snap shot of a car printed in July 1937 according to the mask.

Take a look amongst your photos and see the many means of transportation over time. Don’t see any? Perhaps they will be at our May 5th auction, tucked away in one lot or another!

Come out the 5th to reacquaint yourself with old friends after a strange winter season (at least it seemed weird here). Check over the lots for images and equipment to complement your own collection – or user gear. I will do a post showing a slide show of the various lots, auction location, time, etc. closer to the 5th. Meantime, date and location are on the right side of the site under “PHSC EVENTS”.

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