in the briny deep

Ambrotype recoved from a downed ship after some 165 year in the sea

Toronto.  The BBC News for March 26, 2022 has a story titled. “SS Central America: Haunting photos recovered [in] the ‘ship of gold’ wreck on ocean floor”. The photographs that that survived the watery grave were all cased images with well made cases and seals.

The BBC states, “It was a hurricane that sealed the fate for 425 people returning to the US east coast … .

” … some passengers were also carrying something of more personal value – photographs.

“Salvaged from the ship’s wreckage in 2014 were daguerreotypes, the first successful commercial form of photography – a one-off picture held on a metal plate – and ambrotypes, a type of glass plate photography.”

Visit the BBC site to see and read about the discovery. Thank you to my good friend, George Dunbar, for bringing this story to my attention!

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