in da frame

portrait of a couple taken last century in a Barrie Studio

Toronto. There are camera collectors and there are camera collectors. Over a couple of decades ago,  I analyzed the interests of our members so we could reflect the appropriate topics in our journal, and program material. At the time, about 15% of us collected images, some exclusively; some with other things like cameras, accessories, etc.

I am in the last category. Mainly cameras, but also some books, ads, and photographs. The one shown here is a studio photograph taken in Barrie, early last century (by Frank Jackson) and includes an embossed cardboard frame.

Some of our members like certain processes, others collect cased photos such as daguerreotypes or ambrotypes. Some members collect photographs by a famous photographer like Karsh or Notman. Others search for portraits of the famous. Or the strange ‘monsters’ seen in the circus sideshows of yesteryear. There are even those members who collect and research stereo cards.

Regardless, photos often pop up at our fairs, auctions and sales (only outdoor fairs and sales these days). In fact, we even have an Image Show held downtown on Elm Street at the Arts & Letters club. We hope the positive COVID situation will let us hold an Image Show once again before year-end. Watch our newsletter and this web site!


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