if you can’t beat them …

1937 ad for new smaller cheaper model Speed Graphic camera

Toronto. Two events likely resulted in this version of the famous Speed Graphic. First the continuing depression and the need to economize; and secondly the success of the minicam and enlarging making smaller cameras very popular.

As advertised in the December, 1937 issue of the International Photographer, a new version of the Speed Graphic by the Folmer Graflex Corp in Rochester was advertised as featuring  “economy and versatility”. The film size was reduced to 2-1/4 x 3-11/4 while the camera offered interchangeable lenses, a built-in focal plane shutter and ability to add leaf shutter/lens combinations, some with flash capability.

The basic camera was sold with the focal plane shutter but no lens. My thanks to fellow PHSC member and avid photo historian, my good friend George Dunbar, for sharing this ad with us.

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