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Camera Lens view of a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smart phone

Toronto. Did you hear? the newest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a 200MPX camera! A How-to Geek article called,”The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Has a Wild 200 MP Camera describes this astonishing phone. Last fall, the same site notes the first 200MPX camera in,”We’re Now in the Age of 200MP Smartphone Cameras“.

As astonishing as this news may be, film still reigns supreme for fine details if all else is high quality, including the photographer. Ken Rockwell has a delightful article comparing pixels to film called,”Pixel Count of Film“. I was surprised to see that even at 200MPX, film can still do better. I suspect that digital convenience and capabilities far outweigh the raw resolution issue.

When I was using a Windows system, I had special printer driver software from SilverFast that wrung the very most from the printed image – it was an eye-opener. Unfortunately it isn’t available for the Mac.

In the days when I had a 3MPX camera, I was told one needed at least 35MPX to match Kodachrome … I must say that my iPod Touch with its 8MPX camera and the Focus Magic plug-in for AffinityPhoto (and other software that uses the Photoshop plugin standard) gives me very acceptable photos making the tiny iPod Touch my go to camera.

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