go for the gold

Shonett (Respiratory Therapist) by Ellen Tramley (courtesy of C.A.P.A.)

Toronto. Our friends at C.A.P.A. sent me their monthly newsletter the other day. C.A.P.A. is another one of our exchange members. By visiting their website you can call up and view all the newsletter they have issued.

C.A.P.A. have gone the online pdf route for their newsletter like many of us trying to reduce costs. If you are also a professional photographer and interested in artistic photography, you may wish to join C.A.P.A.

In addition to their newsletter, C.A.P.A. have a SPEAKER SERIES. The next presentation, by Judy Hancock Holland  is on the evening of October 18th. Details are in the above September newsletter. This talk will be held just a few days after our Fall Fair (and a month and a day after our big ESTATE Auction which is both auction and our September presentation)!

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