give a little, take a little …

the improved Physiographe monocular camera c1900

Toronto.  In a recent post, I described an unusual binocular that could be reversed to become a camera.

By using one side as a camera, and the other as a monocular, this French gadget just a few years later let the casual by-stander ‘see’ it used as a ‘binocular’ while the owner snapped a photo at right angles!

The full story titled,  “THE MONOCULAR CAMERA REVISITED”‘  by Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr. is carried in issue 34-2 of our journal. Eaton writes in the précis to his article, “In Bill Belier’s column, “A Treasure From My Collection,” in the November/December issue of Photographic Canadiana, Ron Anger’s 1924 ”Argus” monocular camera was showcased. A brief follow-up, in the March/April 2001 issue, carried Larry Gubas’ mention of the 1912 Nettel “Spectax” and also mentioned the Zeiss Ikon “Ergo” camera. The article and follow-up, however, only scratched the surface of the story of these interesting little monocular cameras.”

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