gifts, Kodak, f/2 again

Christmas gifts ad- a Kodak Pupille for the minicam enthusiast

Toronto. Big Yellow Father was hitting on all cylinders when advertising for Christmas in the  January, 1934 issue of Popular Mechanics (page 114A and 115A in the Advertising section of the magazine) released before Christmas, 1933 of course.

The ad offered the well known Pupille  camera with a super fast f/2 anastigmat lens for the minicam crowd. This camera was designed by August Nagel and rebadged as Kodak when Kodak bought the Nagel factory in Germany. There are both 16mm and 8mm movie cameras in the ad for movie buffs, and a box camera and two folders for those with rather shallow pockets but an urge to snap photos.

It seemed like all companies had or would soon hop on the bandwagon of f/2 normal lenses for minicams to try and compensate for the rather slow emissions of the day.

Once again my good friend, George Dunbar, has shared this delightful find in photographic history. George has often contributed ideas and links for many posts on the website. Well done, George!

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