Kodak’s contribution to the war effort

A January 1944 Kodak ad showing their war efforts

Toronto. WW2 brought war photography to a new level – along with  advertisements and non-German cameras etc. The ad at left shows how Kodak continued to support the war effort in the States with military goods manufactured of ‘Tenite’ – a Kodak product developed from a film base material.

At that time, as a Dominion, we were lumped in with the British effort. Canadian efforts were all touted locally or perhaps in England.

This ad tells how Kodak inventions in the States helped the American war effort using materials developed for photography. The products were repurposed to create better, cheaper war time goods for the military.

Many pivotal organizations like Magnum and iconic images of war came from the terrible battles just prior to and during WW2.

Our thanks to my good friend George Dunbar for suggesting this ad while he was researching photographic history.

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