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Toronto. We have seen a seismic shift in photography these past years as the art moved from film to digital. And within digital from discrete cameras to those built into smartphones.

On top of this in 2020, we have seen a pandemic so awful it has fundamentally changed our world. To compensate the lack of contact with our members, our editor and treasurer have gone out of their way to produce specials that are members only. (We will continue to issue our PHSC News which is open to all.)

Sadly, even in this year of 2020, with email now available for over TWENTY years, we still have a few members who do not or choose not to have emails that are shared with the society. We urge all – especially members – to get an email address and tell us what it is. Feel an email is a luxury? Then go for a free email from Google (gmail) or Microsoft (hotmail) or their competitors and use a computer at a friend’s home, or a local library, or a child/grandchild’s home.

If you ARE a member and haven’t seen the emailed pdf files, then email me at and I will make sure you are registered both in your membership record and on MailChimp.

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