Gerry Loban – April 28, 1931 – January 12. 2014

Gerry Loban by Robert Lansdale

Gerry Loban by Robert Lansdale

Toronto, January 15, 2014. We are saddened to report the death of Gerald Loban who served 37 years on the PHSC Executive Committee. Gerry joined in 1977 as member number 0150. He and wife Pauline were Co-Chairmen of the 10th Photographica Fair of 1984.

After the fair, Gerry became the PHSC Librarian on the 1985-87 executive, a position he held until 2013. He often had a table at the PHSC fairs and gave a number of lecture presentations to members of the Society including: Julia Margaret Cameron’s Photographs, A History of Portraiture, Old Time Photo Studio, and The Leica. He was to be our featured speaker for February 2014 on The Minox Camera.

Gerry was born in England in 1931. His Canadian parents were from Winnipeg and as entertainers (a band) they found better opportunities for engagements in England during the “Dirty 30s.” Gerry travelled back and forth to Canada where grandparents were located but got his main education in England. Pauline and Gerry married in Toronto but moved to London, Ontario in the 1960s. In London, he joined London Life when they were installing their first computer (a machine as large as a room in those days).

Gerry was always interested in photography and bought a photo studio in downtown London. They tried to make a go in baby portraiture for two years but there just wasn’t a profit to be made. They moved to Toronto and again entered engineering and computer sales. There was a lot of travelling all over the world: Europe, Japan, Brazil etc.

Gerry was involved heavily in the design and installation of the Canada Post mail-sorting computerization – it was his project.

Having moved to Unionville, he became involved with their annual June Festival. Gerry ordered up an old-time photography kit from the States, picked it up at Buffalo and set up a booth at the Unionville fair. Pauline dressed customers in the old-time costumes and hats then Gerry photographed them with special sepia Polaroid film and presented the pictures in a folder. There was a constant line-up of customers.

Gerry’s other passion was garage sales throughout the Unionville community where he picked up all his collectable cameras etc. The excess stuff he auctioned off on eBay and had quite a few lucrative sales to Japan and China.

Gerry was highly involved in the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses and with Pauline were baptized in 1954. He was a church Elder and served for 60 years. The congregation, gathered at his memorial services, proved his popularity. He leaves two sons, David and Stephen, two grandchildren, Rachel and Garon, and his wife Pauline. He will be missed!

by Robert Lansdale with input from Pauline Loban 

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