French Camera Display in Japan this fall.

Our good friend Sam Mabuchi of  the All Japan Classic Camera club (AJCC) wrote recently that the AJCC will be holding a French Camera Exhibition this winter in Tokyo. The exhibition is an official exhibition by the JCII Camera Museum in Tokyo (click English on the bottom of the left side bar). Click the small image (at left on this post) for a full size poster.

The French embassy in Tokyo will also  support this exhibition of some 300+ French cameras which includes two original Daguerreotype cameras,  a Giroux owned by the museum and a Chevalier on loan from a member of the  AJCC.

The exhibition will be held from the 20th November 2012 to 24th February 2013. An exhibition album will be published and sold at the museum shop during the exhibition. The location of the museum is shown by map on the museum’s home page.

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