forgotten photographers

Retrospective exhibit by Neil Newton

Toronto. Like many callings, occupations, etc., the majority of photographers live a quiet life and are soon forgotten in the dimness of time. I think of Red Favero in Barrie or Bud Mitchell in Midland, just two the many who are not particularly known outside their communities.

Few photographers like our late editor Bob Lansdale have the presence of mind to donate their negatives to archives. Bob did this with his U of T work, donating the images to the university’s archives where they will  live beyond him in future publications.

An email from George Dunbar along with his copy of a Canadian Statesman (Bowmanville) newspaper article from June 29, 1976 on Neil Newton’s catalogue from his ‘Retrospective’ exhibit at ‘The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa’ sparked my memory.  Neil has many prestigious awards and clients from his time in photography. I met Neil decades ago and bought one of his 1978  ‘Retrospective‘ catalogues. Small world!

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