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Some Toronto Stork Derby
winners (Nagle family) by Roy Tash (thanks to the TPL)

Toronto. 1926 was an exciting year in our city. Amongst other things, Charlie Millar, a wealthy Torontonian died and left a very unusual will. Charlie was well known as a practical joker, and his will contained a few of his jokes, one of which was the infamous Stork Derby. An award was to be granted to the Toronto family that had the most children in the decade 1926-1936.

The well known cinematographer Roy Tash captured on film one of the winners, the Nagle family (another Nagle was a European inventor and manufacturer of well made cameras – bought out by Kodak Europe). Tash was born in New Jersey and moved to Toronto via Chicago. Roy became well known here for his work with the Associated Screen News. He was the subject of an article in our journal (14-5) in 1989 by the late Bill Belier. A photograph he took of the Pearson Cabinet was featured on our website this year.

Thanks to my friend Goldie for alerting me to Roy Tash’s filming of one of the famous Derby winners – the Nagle family, and the Toronto Public Library (TPL) who conserve much of history in their archive..


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