food for thought

My Sony NEX-6 – now a bit long in the tooth with many more camera models announced and marketed.

Toronto. The late Don Douglas was a perennial winner at any of our photo contests. Don once said, ‘the best camera is the one you are holding’, that is any camera is of no use sitting at home when you see the ideal shot.

For those of us with a smartphone (nearly all of us) this means our smartphone camera is always with us. However, Tim Brookes, of How-to Geek feels differently about digital cameras. In his March 11 article titled, “Want Better Smartphone Photos? Buy a Real Camera”, Tim notes that space limitations in smart phones means a very small sensor (even for a 48mx camera) and little or no means to change lenses.

For this reason, he feels any serious photographer needs to consider getting a DSLR or mirrorless camera and using it. I have to say, I have three digital cameras, an iPod Touch which I always have on hand (8 mx) and a Samsung smartphone with the highest pixel count on hand. Food for thought – especially in this day and age of digital wizardry.

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