Foncie’s Photos on Knowledge Network


Vancouver, August 5, 2013. I am a regular viewer of this great public broadcaster   (like TVO here in Ontario). For years, BC’s Knowledge Network has promoted scenes around our most westerly province.  This year Knowledge Network has featured Foncie’s Photos. On August 5th the Network will show a half hour feature about photographer Foncie Pulice and his subjects at 8pm Vancouver time (11pm Toronto time).

Here is the introduction to this half hour: “Foncie Pulice set up a camera on the sidewalk on Granville Street in Vancouver and for the next 45 years snapped candid shots of people strolling by. People bought the image he took as keepsakes of a visit, a time, or an event. For almost half a century he took thousands of photos – all on that Vancouver sidewalk.

Using Foncie’s photos, this half-hour documentary traces a timeline through the heart of Vancouver, telling a people’s history of changing life in the city. The film unfolds using what we know of Foncie, his life and his family as he witnessed the tide of people flowing through Vancouver’s downtown sidewalks. Looking back on his body of work we can track changes in clothing, buildings, attitudes, demographics and love. The film explores where the people came from, how they related to each other, and how they came to be at this intersection: Foncie’s Corner.

If your telecommunications company doesn’t carry Knowledge Network, You can catch it on the web!

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