flying cameras

St Joseph’s Oratory July 1972

Toronto. This photo of a Montreal landmark, St Joseph’s Oratory on Queen Mary Road, was taken by an Exakta and 135mm Steinheil lens on Kodachrome from a CJAD news helicopter.

Aerial photos have been taken since the late 1850s when Nadar took photographs from a balloon. Since then many photographers have taken on this delicate branch of the art. Such photography was prominent in major wars as the images – sometimes in stereo – mapped the progress of the war and helped plan future strategies.

We were treated to an overview of the more modern use of aerial  photography by the late George Hunter who recounted his experiences in our January, 2003 Toronto meeting. He and his camera were later photographed by Bob Lansdale using the then relatively new digital technology.

Image collectors can browse their collections and see if any of the images were taken in the air. All collectors can visit our spring events to pick up images and gear to augment collections and/or user gear – film or digital.  Events are listed to the right of this website and will be posted closer to the actual dates.

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