first Graflex Journal for 2019

Victor Hasselblad – Sweden

Toronto. Ken Metcalf down in North Carolina has issued the latest journal for large camera folk – the 1-19 issue of the Graflex Journal. The lead article is by Davis Strong, a recent member of the PHSC. You may recall last December when Davis joined our show and tell session with his Kalart camera, a short lived competitor of the Graflex.

Lots of great articles in this issue. Just click on the above link and have a read! The masthead photo reminds me of a French expression which paraphrased is “Big man big camera, small man all camera” – definitely the case when the camera is a beautiful Graflex!

Another PHSC member, George Dunbar – you know my friend George of IBM Canada fame – contributed the page of advertisements for the large cameras by Graflex. By the way there is an exhibition on now at York University in Toronto featuring many of George’s photographs.

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