eye of the beholder

Ad for the 1936 model Foth Flex

Toronto. In the May, 1936 issue of American Cinematographer, the Home Camera Co. in NYC advertised the Foth Flex TLR camera. To the innocent eye, the camera seems to be made by the “Home Camera Co.” Since you could buy it from your dealer or Home Camera.

In fact, Home Camera Co. was an importer and distributor of the Foth Flex. The camera was manufactured by C. F. Foth and Co., Berlin, Germany.  Kind of a bad choice in 1936 since Foth also sold to Japan and both Japan and Germany were at war with most of Europe and the British Commonwealth in late 1939 and with America about two years later.

My thanks to good friend and retired photographer, George Dunbar, for sharing this advertisement with us.

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