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Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera

Toronto. Traditionally, the day after Christmas is called boxing day.  It was a day to give gifts to the poor. Later on, the day became known for its wide spread sales. As time passed, many sales on other days were called ‘Boxing Day Sales’ – or even weeks.

It wouldn’t be boxing day without a box camera theme. Post ww2, Kodak came out with the Brownie Hawkeye camera – one of the most popular models ever sold. In the early 1950s, I received the flash version in a kit. Taking 620 film, it could be used for B&W or colour film.

The flash had a safety cover of transparent plastic. It was clear on one side and blue on the other (for using colour film with regular flash bulbs). The kit shown in the large image is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.  The camera and flash in the thumbnail are by Chuck Baker courtesy of the Brownie Camera Page.

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