Exposing Photography: Anything But A Small Business

Print from a glass plate negative in the
B F Childs Photographic Gallery collection

Toronto. My friend Cindy Motzenbecker sent me an email about an upcoming event coinciding with a current exhibit by the Marquette Regional History Center (MRHC). As this will be a ZOOM event, you will need the meeting link. Email me at info@phsc.ca  for the link.

Cindy writes, “MiPHS/Cindy Motzenbecker is inviting you to a scheduled ZOOM meeting:

“Exposing Photography: Anything But A Small Business/Marquette Regional History Center

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023 02:00 PM EST

“This presentation is free.  The actual presentation will start at 2:30. (The extra time is for potential “technology issues”.)  Jack Deo helped a lot with this exhibit, and is a long time Michigan Photographic Historical Society (MiPHS) member.  (MiPHS.org)   Jack was lucky enough to purchase the B.F. Child’s photographic Gallery including THOUSANDS of glass negatives of the area around Marquette and Lake Superior.  He and Don Balmer are the UP representatives of MiPHS.  (“UP” is for “upper peninsula” for the non-Michiganders.) ”

As Cindy mentioned, the images are from around Marquette in Michigan and the surrounding Lake Superior area. The images will interest many image collectors. Please join Cindy and our sister society MiPHS this coming Tuesday the 12th via ZOOM.

The ZOOM talk addresses this Special Exhibit at the MRHC which runs to early next year:

Marquette Regional History Center presents the Special Exhibit: Exposing Photography: Anything but a Small Business March 6, 2023- January 13, 2024    Marquette Regional History Center  145 W. Spring St. Marquette, MI 49855 | (906) 226-3571

“Follow the development of commercial photography in Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula. Starting in the mid 1800s artists set up photography studios around the UP. They made a living off portrait photography. BF Childs established Childs Art Gallery in Ishpeming which ran over 70 years. Edgar and Merta Lemon started a studio in Marquette in 1909 which still operates today.

“Early photographers travelled throughout the Lake Superior region to document mines, local scenery, and Native Americans. Many of these images were sold as souvenirs in the form of stereographs. Some were sold in urban markets around the country or printed as engravings in Harper’s Weekly. These businessmen and women were innovators and artists in composition, hand coloring prints and enlargements. Several won international awards.

“Notable amateur photographers will also be examined including John M Longyear and night time wildlife photographer George Shiras III as well as photographers from the Huron Mountain Club: Harold DuCharme, Tappan Gregory, and William Harris. The exhibit draws upon the extension collections of the MRHC and photographic historian Jack Deo of Superior View. Cameras from professional photographers and amateurs will also be on display.”

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