Edward and the Giant Camera

Casa de Vecindad, D.F. 1926 from the Aperture book.

Toronto. Edward Weston was an iconic American photographer. In 1973 Aperture printed a massive coffee table size book called, “Edward Weston: Fifty Years” with many of his famous prints plus a biography by Ben Maddox. You may be able to see a copy via your local library.

I bought my copy a year later in the summer of 1974 while living in Quebec. At the time, I was learning about the many great photographers. In terms of population, we were a rather small country with history dating back a century or two. At the time, I knew of few Canadian photographers.

This wonderful book shows the beautiful works of Weston, started when photography itself was less than a century old.

Note.The title of this post is a riff on a children’s book by Roald Dahl. “James and the Giant Peach“. I read this book – and others by Dahl – to my children when they were young.

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